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Airline meals December 17, 2016

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My fascination with flight continues. And this weekend, behold airline meals. I guess it was inevitable that sites would appear that focus on them online. We truly live in an age of wonders. But I really do find this interesting.

I love the whole thing about eating on an aircraft. The small compartmentalised ‘plates’, just barely large enough to fit on the fold-down trays. The sachets of salt and sugar. The orange juice, high cholesterol Irish breakfasts. And so on. That is, of course, if you’re flying with some airlines. Others have given it up completely, and there’s the news that British Airways is jettisoning that in economy on some short-haul flights (though their definition includes flights of less than five hours – you can go a fair way in that time). For what? Sandwiches and so on. Well, they’re okay, and so is the hot chocolate, but…

Of course things were a bit more polished at one point. I remember flying back from Malaga in 1985 to Glasgow, with Alastair once of this parish of all people, and having hot towels handed out at one point in the flight. It’s not quite a vanished age of luxury, I seem to recall same on a transatlantic flight about fourteen years later, but it’s getting there.

Actually the thought strikes me that that might be an opportunity for a business. Meals for travellers on those flights prepared in advance and available for purchase in Departures – or has someone thought of that already? Problem being that they couldn’t, I presume, be heated in this post-9/11 age.


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