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Proto-punk from the late 1960s and early 1970s? December 17, 2016

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Given we’ve been talking about 1976, I’ve got to add this in, from much earlier, all of 1971, the Pink Fairies (I know I’m not the only fan here) and a slice of sheer proto-punk.

We discussed punk like tracks from 1975 and early 1976 here, but what of the years leading up to that? That was when, so to speak, the foundations were structured of all that was to come after. Of course some was a harbinger for heavier rock and what became metal, but others managed to forge sounds well ahead of their time.

Feel free too to post examples of proto-punk from those much earlier years.


1. sonofstan - December 17, 2016

Third world war, the Broughtons, hawkwind and the fairies always get mentioned here, but i think the roots of UK punk are closer to the surface really, glam and pub rock. It’s not a huge leap from Roxy to the Pistols.
Otherwise, the velvets and the stooges obviously: but i suppose what you mean is stuff that sounded like punk avant le lettre. Rather than what influenced it directly. One clear example:


WorldbyStorm - December 18, 2016

Yeah, never thought of that track in that way but you’re spot on.


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