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Ghostbusters December 18, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Speaking of film franchises, talking to the friend of the creatures recently I asked had she gone to the new Ghostbusters. No, came the reply. Her dad didn’t want to go – the subtext being, as far as I could gather that now the lead roles were female… I’m kind of amazed people liked Ghostbusters the first so much that they’d feel any particular attachment to it.

I mean it wasn’t a bad old film but… sheesh. And rebooting it with a female cast seemed pretty astute to me not least because if the original and its sequel caught one group of comedians at a certain point in their careers, well the most recent one likewise and interesting to see the changes. But the gendered criticism and trolling that came after seemed to me to lock into a broader cultural and political dynamic that perhaps played out elsewhere this year even more obviously.

Fascinating insight into cinema in terms of how despite making back some astronomical sums it is regarded as a flop.


1. dublinstreams - December 18, 2016

Remake wasn’t good, don’t find McKinnon’s gurning funny, the first one film was a great idea executed well.


WorldbyStorm - December 18, 2016

That’s fair enough. You went to see it – which is more than a lot of the trolling from people who from the get go were giving out about it without it screened.


EWI - December 18, 2016

Remake was quite awful – barring McKinnon’s character (whom I thought showed the good movie that might have been), Thor’s turn as a receptionist, and the final cameo (won’t spoil the surprise).

Even the music was dreadful.


2. RosencrantzisDead - December 18, 2016

The remake was not funny. Apart from the choice of leads, the whole design was safe and reeked of ‘focus group approved.

How the internet reacted to the remake was ridiculous. People flipping their lid because Hollywood thought to remake a franchise (with women). How many Spiderman reboots have we had? How many Batmans? This is where people drew the line?

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