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A Very Tory Winter of Discontent (Winter 2017 that is) December 19, 2016

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All getting very 1970s isn’t it around the place? Immigration, depressingly, now a hot topic, international instability, and what’s this? Electricity blackouts?

Britain could be facing nationwide festive blackouts next winter unless radical changes are made to the UK’s electricity network, MPs have warned.
A report called Electric Shock: Will The Christmas Lights Go Out Next Winter? has been published by the British Infrastructure Group (BIG) of MPs, chaired by Grant Shapps.


1. sonofstan - December 19, 2016
EWI - December 19, 2016

I’m very surprised that they resisted the temptation to use the dog-whistle term ‘taxpayers’.


Aonrud ⚘ - December 19, 2016

Tories say, “How dare they have contempt for ordinary people? That’s our job!”.

(Is the Now Show on this weekend? Look out for the above 😉 ).

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2. sonofstan - December 19, 2016

Paul mason has a good piece in the guardian today about how unions are, like a good thing and everyone should have one

. Not in any way scientific, but it’s entirely noticeable how the tube is a) very well run in public ownership, with b) well paid unionised staff and c) points a and b are undestood and appreciated by the punters

I was in london a fair few times this and last week and the xmas crowd on top of the usual, it was a recipe for chaos. Instead, TFL had extra staff directing traffic through the stations and on busy platforms talking people through getting them on and off trains as quickly and safely as possible. Compare and contrast with the chaos on much of the mainline trains in the SE. No wonder the cabinet rejected Sadiq Khan’s offer to run Southern. They’re not afraid of it not working, but the opposite. The contempt for ‘ordinary people’ is right there.

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WorldbyStorm - December 19, 2016

Many years ago I worked for three or four months with Underground, out in Acton. It was bloody great. Clear lines of communication, good management, conditions, union in evidence, sound people working there – and it’s weird until you wrote the above it never struck me just how good an example it is of a state enterprise. And your further thoughts about comparing and constrasting with network rail is fascinating. Why is it not? Too successful?


sonofstan - December 19, 2016

When Khan suggested that TFL take over the franchise from Southern, Chris Grayling dismissed saying that it didn’t have experience running a mainline rail service. As if running the underground was kids’ stuff in comparison to getting half a dozen trains per hour to and from Brighton
I’m genuinely convinced the tories would be scared to let any rail co back into public ownership for fear of the good example. And it’s the left who are supposed to be blinded by ideology.


Ed - December 20, 2016

It’s not enough a hypothetical – the east coast line WAS being run by a public company, and they were the only franchise on the whole network that didn’t need a state subsidy. The Tories were horrified and made sure to privatize the franchise as soon as possible (I think Branson got his hands on it).


3. GW - December 20, 2016

The BVG is owned by the regional government in Berlin, employs about 11.5k people, is heavily unionised, runs trams, ferries and buses as well as underground trains.

It works very well.

BTW – the atmosphere here in Berlin is subdued as you might expect.

The AfD of course (the other side of the Islamist militant coin – they’re both ‘identitarian’ in their own equally anti-humanist ways) are beginning to make political capital out of the death and injuries in Charlottenburg. Time will tell to what extent other political parties run after them.


GW - December 20, 2016

The AfD’s statements are so far truly emetic in their cynicism – Christmas markets will remain shut today as a mark of respect for the dead and injured.

But after that the best repost is to carry on and not be cowed.


CMK - December 20, 2016

Hope you and yours are OK, GW. Just got confirmation that my brother is fine. A long time Berlin resident and someone who works in Christmas markets across Berlin in the run up to Christmas.

I thought this was an interesting report and conveys some of the complexity of Islam in Europe today:



GW - December 20, 2016

Everyone fine CMK – glad to hear about your brother.


CMK - December 20, 2016

Glad to hear that.


WorldbyStorm - December 20, 2016

+1 to you both. BTW excellent link CMK


GW - December 20, 2016

And CDU opportunists are off into AfD territory: ‘state of war’, ’emergency measures’ and all the usual shite.


CMK - December 20, 2016

That’s depressing but predictable. What have the Die Linke/SPD/Green coalition to say?


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