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Politics as normal? December 19, 2016

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I don’t think this is quite what people are talking about when they use that sort of a phrase in relation to the North.


1. Alibaba - December 20, 2016

You might take the view that it there was a compelling logic in Sinn Féin not voting on the motion of no confidence in Arlene Foster or engineering a situation which would result in an election being called. This would ensure that there is no collapse in the much vaunted power-sharing arrangement between SF and DUP. It would be interesting to think this.

Interesting, but wrong. If one half of the power-sharing government doesn’t have confidence in the other half or two-fingers the proposal of the other for Foster to ‘step aside’, it is unlikely to last. And this despite the plea of McGuinness that the Foster might ‘reflect over Christmas’ about this and he is confident that they ‘can find a way forward’. SF tells us this is about the need to restore public confidence in the institutions. It’s about keeping SF in power and failing that, allowing public revulsion at this corruption leading to an election in which DUP will be at a marginal loss, keeping it core support, of course.

The call for an election now is the only principled response. Moreover, it would enable the left to put its case to the voters. SF’s response is unprincipled from a socialist point of view.


dublinstreams - December 20, 2016

they just had an election!


2. roddy - December 20, 2016

Any vaccum in the North is extremely dangerous.Events can spiral out of control at the drop of a hat and those that deem themselves “principalled” would be the last to stem the tide.Mouthing slogans about not being orange or green (when the couple of MLAswho do the mouthing take almost 100% of their votes from the green side)does’nt wash in a disfunctional state like the North.


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