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Kenny forever? And other matters. December 21, 2016

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Interesting that the issue of facade and substance in Irish politics came up earlier this week. I happened to see the headline on a Sunday newspaper this weekend that suggested Enda Kenny was in situ until the next election. Well, it’s almost holiday season – and indeed is for the Dáil (whatever about the Seanad). They return if I recall correctly on or about the 17th of January. So perhaps such stories are to be expected. Pat Rabbitte has some musings on this topic in the SBP too. Whether FG finds it quite as entertaining is a different matter. I’d have thought that if Kenny had indeed indicated any such ambition he would be making a significant error – by defining his terms of engagement he would offer a target for opponents to launch attacks.

Rabbitte argues that this will dominate political commentary over the ‘dead days of December and January’ and for his money Kenny should step down by ‘summer recess 2017’. Which is a pretty grim indictment of what passes for political commentary in this state – because fundamentally it doesn’t matter who is in charge of FG at this point in time. Given the dispensation where FG rules with FF the more important question is whether a change in leadership impacts on that latter dynamic.

And in truth Rabbitte points to the range of issues that need to be addressed, Brexit, rent regulation, housing, etc. Though it is odd (or perhaps not) to read a former LP luminary write ‘The Finance view is that this intervention int he market may deter investors from entering the private residential sector with negative consequences for supply…. the irony is that rent regulation two years ago would have spared thousands of hard pressed tenants a lot of pain. There are signs that the horse has bolted and that rents may already have peaked’. That’s not the only irony – even were it accurate. Remind me again who was in government two years ago? And why so little comment on what those nominally on the left might argue was a good and timely intervention, even too little an intervention?

Still, what to make then of the following?

Against the odds [this year] Kenny put a new government together. He should now recognise that his work is done. An injection of new blood might not galvanise this government, but it might prepare the ground for the restoration of normal government.

Really? How does that latter work? A new leader of FG brings more support to that party? Perhaps shrugging off the hated shackles of FF supply and confidence? I’m doubtful. what of others?


1. dublinstreams - December 21, 2016

“Kenny has publicly said that he will not lead Fine Gael into the next election, scheduled to take place in 2018.

However, there is now a growing belief that he will seek to hold on to power if the Government suddenly collapses before then” http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/kenny-is-set-to-lead-fg-in-next-election-35302547.html hardly news


2. dublinstreams - December 21, 2016

a couple of Fine Gael Ministers think Its not just the leader its headquarters that needs to change Fiach Kelly https://soundcloud.com/irishtimes-politics/coveneys-rental-plan-enda-kennys-leadership-six-months-of-new-politics#t=34:15


3. An Sionnach Fionn - December 21, 2016

“…it might prepare the ground for the restoration of normal government.”

In other words, a return to the establishment system of centre-right coalition government with the Labour Party acting as the bride to the Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil groom.

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4. CMK - December 21, 2016

‘but it might prepare the ground for the restoration of normal government.’ It’s almost heartbreaking the yearning Rabbitte and the pol cors have for a return to ‘normal’ politics. Almost.

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