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Revisionism! December 21, 2016

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Of a different sort.

Trapping the winter solstice sun at Newgrange in Co Meath is not a 5,000-year-old phenomenon, but a 50-year-old “construct”, according to a former State archaeologist.
Our Stone Age ancestors were not as clever as we thought, and the significance of Newgrange as a “Hiberno-Roman” cult site in the late Iron Age has been deliberately underplayed, Michael Gibbons, co-author of a paper on the subject, argues.

This is going to run and run.


1. GW - December 21, 2016

I blame the hippies and new agers.

Or Putin. The FSB has time-machines you know. The internet told me so.

Actually I love this kind of scholarly iconoclasm.


2. Florrie O'Donoghue - December 21, 2016

Reminds me a bit of what my archaeology lecturer told me about Simon James.

Had a museum job and was a foremost proponent of all things Celtic. Lost his job. Wrote a book, “The Atlantic Celts”, which was essentially a subjective rant about how the Celts never existed and were simply an invention of a few centuries ago. Gets notoriety, and a new university job.

When they find the shattered remnants of a mobile phone around the back of the 12th Century St Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick a few millenia from now, there’ll be somebody telling us the building was constructed in the 21st Century.

Is mise srl.,


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