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Signs of Hope – A continuing series December 22, 2016

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Okay, I didn’t help last week by posting up a link to a downbeat story – and indeed I heard on a US podcast how at the moment it’s more a matter of picking which negative story to address, but there were a number of positive stories nonetheless. It’s the last week of the year – kind of sort of, so let’s give it everything we’ve got!


1. Success Inspirers' World - December 22, 2016

All’s well that ends well.


2. crocodileshoes - December 22, 2016

Not the sport of choice on this site, I know, but Connacht’s rugby win over Wasps with a last second kick, last Weekend, was sport at its most thrilling and inspiring. The BBC News exposure of almost slave labour practices inside JJB Sports was not ‘good news’ in terms of workers’ pay & conditions, but the fact that TV news was prepared to undertake such an investigation, successfully, was encouraging.


GW - December 22, 2016

I’ll take a look at that if some kind soul has posted it on screwtoob.

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crocodileshoes - December 22, 2016

Sorry, it’s Channel 4 News – headlining tonight (Thurs) 7 o’clock bulletin.


3. paulculloty82 - December 22, 2016

Are the Irish media finally developing a social conscience? The current focus on the homelessness crisis, combined with today’s IT article on food poverty, can only direct a cross-party effort towards greater social equality.


4. benmadigan - December 22, 2016

agree with paul – the home sweet home Appollo mission is a great sign of hope



5. GW - December 23, 2016

There’s a grand stretch in the evenings!

Countrypersons joke perhaps.


Tomboktu - December 28, 2016

There’s been a stretch in the evenings since 16 December. The mornings have continued to shrink, though, as the sunrise (in Dublin) continues to be later until tomorrow (29 December).



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GW - December 28, 2016

You can’t get round me with your fancy-schmancy Dublin-sciencey factoids. That’s sooooo 2016.

The plain people of real Ireland ™ experience crepuscular elongation on the 22nd of December and not a day before!

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6. Seedot - December 28, 2016

Haven’t seen much hiphop here but this has to count as a sign of hope: Run the Jewels release their third and darkest reflecton on American society as a Christmas surprise. Its for free at:

Not only have they built a post-free download career delivering content without restrictions, Killer Mike has leveraged the profile into some significant political interventions, witness his Bernie Sanders barber shop talks as well as his Ferguson commentary.

Best of all, the album is an absolutely banging call to arms.

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