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That settlements resolution December 27, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Too little too late, perhaps. Certainly it shows up the lack of movement by the US government across decades. And telling how appalled is the response from the Israeli government. But this is striking – an analysis from Slate:

The resolution doesn’t include sanctions against Israel so it doesn’t really translate into any practical effects on the ground. Still, there is plenty of symbolic value as it means the international community has now officially condemned the settlement activity and that is highly unlikely to be reversed. After all, a reversal of the resolution would require it pass the Security Council without the veto of any of its permanent members, which needless to say is a highly unlikely scenario.

Trump can huff and puff about all changed utterly in January 2017 but for those, like myself, still clinging to a two state solution this is some small comfort. There’s a benchmark in the international context set by that vote. Far too little. But not entirely unimportant.


1. 1798Mike - December 27, 2016

That futile, meaningless so-called ‘change’ of direction by Obama is just posturing by him. The vacuous word-spinner, as always, is hot air & sound bite. His only substantial legacy will be the number of people murdered by his drones.
People thought they were electing a black FDR. They got a perfect front man for finance capital & the military industrial complex. The neocons in the State Department had a field day supporting and promoting the overthrow of a progressive president in Honduras, organising the destruction of Libya, the coup in the Ukraine and helping ‘moderate’ jihadists in Syria.
Time to lay a wreath at the ‘Obama Plaza’.

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EWI - December 27, 2016

Coup in Egypt, too.

Incidentally, anyone care to take a guess as to who penned this unbylined Israel-friendly op-ed in the Irish Times?



yourcousin - December 27, 2016

You obviously knew very little about FDR then.


2. Tawdy - December 27, 2016

I’m afraid the two nation idea is finished and a single fully apartheid state is looming. Soon.


WorldbyStorm - December 27, 2016

If the Israeli government proceeds on the present course it is difficult not to think you are correct. As some said about the government’s actions in the last day or two, to self-isolate is insane.


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