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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement(s) of the Week January 1, 2017

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Ah, New Year. Our usual correspondent is on leave. But no surprises from the SI. Hard to choose whether it is this from EH:

As we have no crystal ball it is too early to say that Trump’s presidency will turn out to be the total disaster that increasingly hysterical and irresponsible liberals seem to be hoping for.

Hoping? Really? Hoping?

Or this from RDE which manages to diminish itself as it simultaneously seeks to parade its own virtues by the curious juxtaposition of joking and not so funny stuff:

Alienating a US presidential candidate was reckless. Worse was his cringeworthy tribute to Fidel Castro, who had clergy, gays and his political opponents executed, tortured, imprisoned and terrified or bored out of the country in their hundreds of thousands, and whom President-elect Trump had rightly denounced as a tyrant.

Though perhaps given she’s trying to be serious and not throughout this is also kind of tasteless.

What’s more, Wallace is the most ubiquitous and attention-seeking of our Dail left-wing social justice warriors and his hair is a crime against humanity.

Or BOC offers this…

The left has always believed in the perfectability of mankind. Now the aim is to make us all sexless as well, to outlaw people finding other people physically attractive. It is now offensive to notice how people look. You wonder if the left has learnt anything about criminalising ordinary people and their thoughts and fears and urges?

And more concern trolling on the left’s behalf from that quarter too:

…unless the left focuses back on the real issues, and the real victims, the victims not of cultural slights but of economics and war, it will be unseated further by the Trumps, the Farages and the Le Pens of the world.


A whole year more of this, you say?


1. CL - January 1, 2017

Trump, says Harris, ‘ may do some good abroad by making the Russians ponder the wisdom of throwing their weight around in Western Europe.’
Sounds like wishful thinking by a neocon. How influential will the neocon faction be in a Trump regime?


2. Alibaba - January 1, 2017

RDE says ‘Wallace is the most ubiquitous and attention-seeking of our Dail left-wing social justice warriors’. Such disregard to RBB.

And the historian continues: ‘his hair is a crime against humanity.’ RDE Trumps it up; tell a whopper and see how much attention it gets. Oh my. So predictable and demeaning. Go tell it to the fashion mags.


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