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CLR Book Club – Week 1, 2017 January 3, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

First up considerable credit to all those who managed to keep the Book Club going across a fair number of weeks last year. However it might be no harm given how it began to falter to rethink the approach.

I’ve a couple of suggestions. How about we select two or three texts, perhaps chapters from longer works, vote on which one to go for, and read it across a month, as an initial test. That limits the need to focus on a longer work and means that the assessment can be made more rapidly.

Then we have some suggestions for longer works and go with them subsequently? Or we could stick with chapters from longer works until we’re comfortable with the format.


1. yourcousin - January 3, 2017

I would argue that the “faltering” started as soon as folks actually had to acquire the book, read the book, and comment on the book.

Regardless of how we “tweak it”, those three things have to happen.

My only request is that we keep the book club in the literary realm and not veer off into non fiction.


WorldbyStorm - January 3, 2017

Very fair points I’m temptrd to split this in two with nonfiction chapters and then novels, any takers?


benmadigan - January 3, 2017

acquiring the book can be avoided if we opt for something that can be read as a download eg from Gutenburg . If people like the text they can always then shell out for the book if they want to.
Reading and commenting can’t be avoided but a book chapter or short essay/story as selected topic should make for a less arduous committment


2. yourcousin - January 3, 2017

But isn’t commenting on non fiction exactly what this blog does everyday? You link to an article, report, story etc and folks comment on it. It almost seems redundant.


3. LeftAtTheCross - January 3, 2017

I’d be more inclined to go along with a fiction reading. As YC says, most of us are probably up to our ears in non-fiction by default anyhow, so it’s nice to have the change and the challenge of reading something out of the ordinary.


4. yourcousin - January 3, 2017

Although that being said I would probably read the non fiction as well (sorry for the contrary nature of the comments).


5. Joe - January 3, 2017

Lads and lasses, truth is I will be bottom of the class in this club. I just don’t read enough. Never did. Ye’d be long finished before I got to the end of the first chapter…


LeftAtTheCross - January 3, 2017

And you a librarian??? 🙂


6. Tomboktu - January 4, 2017

I’m back in college and can’t/won’t join until that is finished in April/May


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