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Institutes January 4, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Anyone happen to know if there’s any law on the use of the word Institute in the title of an organisation?


1. Tomboktu - January 4, 2017

The only restriction in Ireland that I know of is about the use of the word ‘university’.


WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2017

Thanks a million, very useful to know


2. Steve Hedley - January 4, 2017

“Institute of Technology” can’t be used without official permission if you are a “provider of a programme of education and training” – see Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 section 81 – but I don’t know of anything that catches “Institute” on its own.

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3. EWI - January 4, 2017

The official position of the Dublin Insitute for Culture and Knowledge (as declared from a barstool on the Northside) is that no, you don’t 😎


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4. WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2017

Much appreciated all.


5. Steve Hedley - January 4, 2017

Go to the Companies Registration Office site (http://search.cro.ie/company/) and search under “Company Name”: “Starts with this Phrase”: “Institute” – this turns up quite a list. So it doesn’t look like the CRO know any law against it.


6. RosencrantzisDead - January 4, 2017

No. But if the word ‘institute’ would falsely give a consumer the impression that the offending organization had an accreditation or qualifications that it did not have, thiswould very likely fall foul of the law.


RosencrantzisDead - January 4, 2017

I should add this is where the ‘institute’ is providing ‘services’ to the public.

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Tomboktu - January 4, 2017

What law, though? It’s just a name

The awarding of qualifications is regulated, but grounded in the qualifications, not the name of the organisation (other than those referred to above).


Steve Hedley - January 4, 2017

If claiming to be an “Institute” is thought to impress the average consumer unduly, then I suppose it could be part of an argument that there was a misleading commercial practice. Consumer Protection Act 2007 s 43(1): “A commercial practice is misleading if it includes the provision of false information in relation to any matter set out in subsection (3)”; s 43(3)(f): that information includes “the nature, attributes or rights of the trader [including] the trader’s identity, qualifications, assets or status …” But there would have to be more than this to ground a serious claim – the claim to be an “institute” isn’t so much ‘false’ as madey-uppy. As RosencrantzisDead says, giving the false impression that the “Institute” has some impressive accreditation might qualify as a breach of the law.

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7. Joe - January 5, 2017

Fair play EWI. The Dublin Institute for Culture and Knowledge has a certain ring to it. Reminds me of my collidge days when some boys founded the Catholic University News and Times – a kind of Collidge Sun/Daily Mail in opposition to the then dominant left-leaning collidge newspapers.


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