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Brexit and EU citizens… or file under you could not make this up… January 5, 2017

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In another case, a British man fears his Dutch wife of 30 years and the mother of their children is at risk following the Brexit vote because she has not had private health insurance, which EU citizens are required to have if they are not working.


1. benmadigan - January 5, 2017

am surprised about this regulation about private insurance (is it legal?)
Generally speaking, if an EU citizen falls ill/has an accident in another EU country, needing tests, hospitalization, operation etc the costs are covered by the local EU health authority e.g. the bill for a Parisian is sent to the Paris health authority – which pays up. Same goes for an Irish /UK citizen in the EU.
Don’t know if visits to a GP are covered nowadays. They used to be if you got a special form before leaving your home country.


sonofstan - January 6, 2017
2. FergusD - January 6, 2017

Maybe I’d better get a UK passport. Same for my lads (we all have Irish ones, all our UK ones have expired). The eldest is in Oz, will they let him back in the UK? Hard not to get a bit paranoid.


Michael Carley - January 6, 2017

I thought of that (I am entitled to one without needing to be naturalized) and then I thought it would be too much like bowing down to racists.


sonofstan - January 6, 2017

I’d imagine our anomolous status will hold, if only because those in NI who hold irish passports and would be reluctant to swap will be need to accommodated.

It will be interesting to see how long the domestic status of flights from ireland to UK airports will continue. I can’t recall the last time i had an identity check flying into the UK from ireland (you do need to show ID at Holyhead as a foot passenger, weirdly)although all passengers from the UK go through passport control in Dublin. When the time comes, i suppose that will change since EU citizens will be able to come to ireland routinely but not, one would presume, to the UK.


Michael Carley - January 6, 2017

Given the cluelessness about the Good Friday Agreement on show, I’m not sure we should rely on Irish passport holders in NI being accommodated.

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sonofstan - January 6, 2017

True. There’s certain institutional memory deficit there.


3. irishelectionliterature - January 6, 2017

I’d imagine these cases are only the tip of the iceberg. On a wider sense the whole Brexit process seems directionless. A seeming purge of pro EU diplomats/ possible negotiators and so on and still a blind faith that everyone will be only thrilled to do a favourable trade deal with the UK.
I was looking at some ‘Leave’ leaflets again last night and many of the claims are mad. https://electionleaflets.org/leaflets/13600/


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