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Resources and links of use to the left Thread – Week 1, Jan 5, 2017 January 5, 2017

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Starkadder made the point recently that:

Maybe it’s time we set aside specific threads for collecting links on subjects that may of interest to the left in general? Things like water charges, Irish trade unions, Israel-Palestine, etc.

I think that’s a great idea. It’s more focussed than What You Want to Say, more of a resource. So I’ll post that up every week and see how it goes from there. We do have a resources tab above and perhaps we could populate it with material from these threads?


1. RosencrantzisDead - January 5, 2017

Area man applies theories of Ayn Rand and Friederich Hayek to actual business. What happens next will NOT shock you

Sear’s CEO Eddie Lampert decided to split Sear’s, a retail chain That also manufactures some products, into a group of autonomous divisions. Each would have their own profit and loss account and their own board of directors. The upshot is massive increase in bureaucracy and infighting between the different divisions.


2. Starkadder - January 7, 2017

Laurie Penny has a good takedown of the “snowflake” guff in “The Baffler”:

If we are to live in a sexist, racist, structurally violent world and still believe in our own basic decency, the suffering of women and minorities must be reconfigured as both contrived and trivial. If they cry out for justice, they are crybabies. If they insist that things must not go on like this, they are frail, pathetic. The pain of oppressed people has always been terrifying to people from more privileged groups. Their reaction is as panic-stricken and exaggerated as they accuse “generation snowflake” of being.



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