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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to Swedish Prog – Anekdoten January 7, 2017

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Mentioned this last week, Anekdoten, a Swedish prog rock group who take their cues from King Crimson, early King Crimson that is. They’ve been around since the early 1990s and I like them a lot, probably more than Opeth. I like their song craft, the melodies, the arrangements. Guitars and vocals from Nicklas Barker, cello and keyboards from Anna Sofi Dahlberg, bass and vocals Jan Erick Liljestrom and drums Peter Nordins – and who is this coming into view but none other than former Church member Marty Willson-Piper who guested on their last album, Until All the Ghosts Are Gone, and has been playing live with them since 2015.

At first that may not seem to make a lot of sense – the Church being more psychedelic than progressive (indeed just why are all the Church albums listed in progarchive?), and yet, there are commonalities.

Anyhow if you like mellotron you will most definitely like this. There’s a yearning melancholy aspect to the songs. Whispered vocals fade in and out in places. It’s not difficult to imagine their sound being retooled for ambient electronic. That is until the guitars come in – and perhaps I’m wrong but I tend to hear more hard rock than metal in those guitars, which I think is a strength. There are the shades of Zeppelin and Purple at their most proggy – some of those keyboards, well – and a host of other groups too. And on a more contemporary note someone suggested that Radiohead is another influence and I can see that – could be form follows function. Tracks like Shooting Star once they get going have a great propulsive power to them, all surging chord progressions. Writing on the Wall builds and builds and builds and then… stops with an elegant economy. Our Days Are Numbered has a fantastic twisting angular series of riffs and is arguably the heaviest track on the album and then it goes and hints at jazz – it’s not quite an instrumental, there appear to be wordless singing behind it, but its close. Their back catalogue is pretty impressive too.

Shooting Star

Get Out Alive

Our Days Are Numbered

If It All Comes Down to You

Live, Malmo 2016


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