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Five Star Movement movement… January 9, 2017

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Anyone with a better grasp of contemporary Italian politics than I do have any sense why Beppe Grillo has…

…asked members to vote on splitting from a Eurosceptic bloc of MEPs co-chaired by Nigel Farage.

Beppe Grillo, a comedian turned politician, said in a post on his blog that since Farage had led Ukip to Britain voting to leave the EU, the two parties no longer shared common goals and he recommended leaving the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD).

“Recent events in Europe, such as Brexit, have led us to reconsider the nature of the EFDD group,” Grillo wrote. “With the extraordinary success of the leave campaign, Ukip achieved its political objective: to leave the European Union.

A tactical hedge given the volatility in Italy at the moment, politically? A wish to appear a little more ‘mainstream’ (Italian public opinion not exactly rushing to the EU exit?). Or more, or less? And what to make of this?

In a move that would see his party mesh with European liberals, Grillo has called an online referendum, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, on breaking away and instead forming a new group with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), led by the former Belgian prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, who is also the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator.

Farage and UKIP are – entertainingly – oddly exercised over the composition of parliamentary groups in a parliament they’ve spent decades trying to exit.

Farage said in a statement: “In political terms it would be completely illogical for Five Star to join the most Euro fanatic group in the European parliament. The ALDE group doesn’t support referenda or the basic principle of direct democracy. ALDE are also the loudest voice for a EU army. I suspect if Five Star joins ALDE it’s support will not last long.”

A Ukip spokesman said: “Both Ukip and Five Star are free to choose to stay or quit a political relationship. While it’s interesting that some Five Star MEPs adamantly wish to stay in the EFDD group, as adults we wish them all the best whatever they do.”

Perhaps this wasn’t in the script.


1. Michael Carley - January 9, 2017

From a quick look at the Italian commentary, the activists seem very unhappy, calling it political suicide. Some are asking why Grillo is lining up with the likes of Monti and Prodi, who are supporters of ALDE. The MEP who negotiated the deal with ALDE is saying that M5S were never anti-EU, they just wanted a referendum on the euro.

I suspect Grillo either does not want to risk talking the M5S into supporting Italexit and then getting it, or does not want to be on the losing side if there is a referendum. Of course, the movement has never really been on the left, so there is no Lexit argument to be made.

Apparently, most of the M5S MEPs knew nothing about the decision.

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2. dublinstreams - January 9, 2017

well apparently Grillo wanted to leave the Euro not Europe ? https://euobserver.com/political/136472


3. GW - January 9, 2017

M5S has a great leader, and he has spoken. But around him the party is crumbling, especially with the farce that is the M5S Mayorship of Rome.

An yes, you shouldn’t ever take a comment by Farage at face-value. I think M5S were/are more anti-Euro than anti-EU.


4. benmadigan - January 10, 2017

ALDE’s refused to have them . So have the Greens. reasonable lack of common political grounds put forward as explanation. No mention of farage’s tirades in the EU parliament, which presumably would make any of his former associates unwelcome in any grouping http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38558366


5. dublinstreams - January 10, 2017

the M5S voting pattern most closely matches GUE-NGL (which includes SF/Ming http://www.votewatch.eu/blog/anti-euro-italian-opposition-party-to-join-alde/ but votewatch says “the (communist) GUE-NGL group does not seem to have ever been on the table”


GW - January 10, 2017

Well I doubt very much that GUE-NGL would want them, even were they inclined to apply.


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