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Greece January 9, 2017

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Someone mentioned Greece this week, well worth a look at what is going on there. Check this out, polling in advance of the elections that must take place within two or so years. Syriza is in decline, from the 35.5% it polled in 2015 to 20%. New Democracy is up around 35.7% gaining about 7%. And by the by has been in the lead in most polls since the election. The far-right has gained 3%. Pasok is still sub-10% but has gained a couple of per cent since its derisory 6% at the last election. The KKE has gained 3% and is on 8.3%. Other forces are under 4% each.

What to take from this? That the pendulum has swung, not that far, but fairly fast and fairly conclusively back to the right and where’s the surprise in that given that Syriza essentially accepted the status quo ante after, what was it – a few months dragging of their feet. That said let’s not overstate the degree of support that Syriza had in 2015 (and its majority was gained on foot of the abysmal extra seats rule that they haven’t done away with). And no sign that the further left has made any great gains, or indeed the far right either. But, on the other hand, no question that Golden Dawn has consolidated.

Where this leaves Greek politics is an open question, isn’t it? And let’s not forget the malign approach of the EU Commission in this. That said polls from last year suggest a wish for a rebalancing of powers from Brussels rather than a Grexit. And opinions are – understandably – mixed in relation to the Euro.


1. GW - January 9, 2017

It’s depressing. And demonstrates that an alternative to austerity and neo-liberalism has to be transnational.

But I was thinking the other day that countries that have had a fascist dictatorship seem to be better immunised against fascist-spectrum parties. The Golden Dawn have done far less well than would expect, given that Herr Schäuble’s policy wrt to Greece seems to be to create the economic and political conditions conducive to a fascist-spectrum takeover.

A possible exception is Poland, but was the effective military dictatorship of Józef Piłsudski from 1926-1935 significantly fascist?


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