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He cannot let it go January 10, 2017

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One of the most, and simultaneously least, amusing aspects of Donald Trump is the dawning realisation, as evidenced by his tweets and comments in the last couple of weeks, that he is – far from being an odd distant and unfamiliar character, quite the opposite. He’s all too familiar. He is, indeed, the equivalent of the person on Politics.ie who perhaps you or more likely I may well have been, say, ten years ago, more than a little bit drunk and commenting well into the early hours in hollow ‘discussions’ determined to get the last word where there was error or confusion. Or just error. As we saw it. In other words there is nothing too large or too small for him that cannot, indeed must not, be let go unresponded to.

That’s okay for us, we’re not in charge of a nuclear strike capability sufficient to scour human and much other life from the face of this planet, but he is. And still he tweets.

What’s stunning, in a way, is how thin-skinned he is. And how bathetic the range of issues that generate a response from him. Meryl Streep says some stuff at an award ceremony and up he pops. The heads of US intelligence say some other stuff. Ditto.

Is this going to continue when he becomes President? Is there anyone who can prise a smart phone from his paws?

What’s also a bit staggering is his continuing propensity to exaggerate (or to use the technical term ‘lie’). For example he’s made much of the idea that Clinton lost badly to him. For those of us who democrats, and who consider the US system horribly flawed in that respect, the reality is she – for all her failings, which were myriad, didn’t. In fact she was able to command very slightly less of the popular vote than Obama. And it ill-serves Trump to argue that line because it is so easily dismissed. But then one has the feeling that there’s a lot of chaos swirling around the higher reaches of his enterprise.

Where this ends? I don’t know. If one has an internal security level mine would be set on ‘concerned’. I don’t recall it being quite that high since 9/11. Trump is an incredibly volatile, remarkably ignorant, absurdly self-centred individual. We genuinely haven’t seen his like in our lifetimes in power in any major state I can think of (i.e. the USSR/Russia, US, Germany, UK, France). It is near impossible to predict how matters will proceed from here. That should fact alone is deeply troubling.


1. GW - January 10, 2017

I don’t know. Let’s see what he does rather than what he tweets.

Trump will keep up a barrage of social media interventions. The point of these are to keep the attention focused on him, while his people get on with the business of further transfers of power and wealth to the oligarchs.

I suspect that reacting to everything he transmits is a loosing game, because that’s precisely what his team wants.

However I hope someone has had the sense to issue him with a false set of nuclear codes.


ivorthorne - January 10, 2017

Tweeting is doing. Just ask the companies whose value has nosedived after Trump tweets. It’s unlikely but not impossible that he could start a war by tweeting but, say, Mexico’s economy could be seriously damaged depending on what the ejit thumbs into his iPhone


GW - January 10, 2017

Fair point. Politicians are 70% what they say.

But tweeting is a more statistical and deliberately content-less form of speech-act than, say, a programmatic speech or enactment of a law.


CL - January 10, 2017

Trump’s flukey ascent to the presidency is, for him, a fantastic, incredible opportunity to promote his brand, so self-promotion via tweet will continue.
But something more substantive is also going on: the struggle for dominance between the Bannon/Flynn pro-Putin fascist faction and the more globalist, neocon element, backed by the numerous intelligence agencies. On the outcome depends the direction of Trump foreign policy. Perhaps there will not be an outcome, merely chaos. The farcical spectacle will continue to be tweeted to millions.


GW - January 10, 2017

Good summary of the conflict within the ruling and owning class.

I’m betting on chaos rather than outcome.


Alibaba - January 10, 2017

Yep. I agree that ‘something more substantive is also going on’. When Trump came out and didn’t deny the validy of what the heads of US intelligence were telling him, he had to. Because to have done otherwise would have him trounced by the ultra-right.


Dr. X - January 11, 2017

I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to down to the use of physical force by either or both of these factions.


2. deiseach - January 11, 2017

I saw the title and thought this would be about Pat Rabbitte. Clickbait!


3. Alibaba - January 11, 2017

I’m was told of a good point made about Trump. Somebody said “He heckles himself”.  For example, “We will build a wall”, step back, “It will be a great wall!”


4. dublinstreams - January 11, 2017

ones hopes his staff take his tweet machine away from him


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