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Return of the titans… January 12, 2017

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Talking to someone recently they made the point that it’s odd how many of the old names from the 2000s are popping up again. What is it? Has the ‘recovery’ taken hold sufficiently that they feel safe to enter the light of day again? Some other dynamic?

And speaking of that, it’s entertaining to read the Week in Business piece in the SBP, where recently they looked at the ‘young pretenders’ in the world of commerce. I’m fairly certain that they don’t mean ‘pretenders’ in a pejorative way. And looking at the photographs of those selected I’ve got to be honest, they didn’t look too young either.

But speaking of those old names, what of this?

Several of experienced developer Johnny Ronan’s children are working in his growing business.

Three of them no less. And ‘Galway developer Luke Comer’ has his offspring working with him. Cosgrave family home builder group likewise! Montane ‘the building company founded by Ray Grehan’ as well.

And how’s this for priceless in so many ways:

The objective of making an escape form Nama is coming every closer for Pat Doherty’s Harcourt Developments. Waiting in the wings to deliver the company’s ‘life after Nama’ mission are John and Nick Doherty who both hold senior executive roles in the business. Harcourt has been refinancing parts of its debt, and is hotly tipped to emerge from the state agency sooner rather than later.

New retail and commercial developments and building up a restart business are all said to be on the cards.

It’s not all builders and developers though.

Like his father, Independent News and Media chairman Leslie, JD Buckley has pursued a media-related career and heads up Sky in Ireland.

And so on. And so forth. Remarkable isn’t it how the events of the crisis are but a speed bump in all this, that companies persist despite those events, that family lines likewise.


1. EWI - January 12, 2017

And so on. And so forth. Remarkable isn’t it how the events of the crisis are but a speed bump in all this, that companies persist despite those events, that family lines likewise.

The difference between the middle class and everyone else is endless ‘second chances’.


CMK - January 12, 2017

To be fair, I don’t think these creeps are really ‘middle class’; they are in the top .001% of Irish society and are the Irish elite.

I bought the SBP on Sunday for the first time in years and instantly regretted it with their page 2 hit piece on Paul Murphy.

But the mindless boosterism of the SBP, at a time when we are facing into the prospect of tens of thousands being evicted by vulture funds and worse, shows a detachment from reality that verges on the sociopathic.

Having said that, it is clearly best newspaper in Ireland (not much of an achievement) in terms of the depth of coverage they gives things, if not for their editorial perspective.


EWI - January 12, 2017

I would disagree, and argue that they are indeed members of the Irish middle class, irrespective of their wealth (by example, one can be a relatively poor aristocratic member of the upper class). As I think Chris Rock put it years ago, getting at Americans’ zbelief that they have a classless society, there’s a big difference between being ‘rich’ and being wealthy.

The SBP certainly has gone downhill, first as the original staff left and in later years as its financial resources were starved. It filled a peculiar niche in being an Irish Republican Sunday paper with really good investigative journalism and a substantial business section. I would guess that it owes a great deal of credit for its existence to the Indo’s knifing of the Irish Press Group (facilitated by the ‘Rainbow government’, of course).


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