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Snow….. January 12, 2017

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We’re promised a cold snap and possibly snow. The media love the thought of snow, there’s almost a glee in saying “treacherous road conditions”. Polish and Croatian colleagues were highly amused at all the cold weather talk here as they told us of temperatures at home of -16 !
It’s amazing the difference since the big snow of seven years ago (the above picture is from 1982), yes the Children still are excited at the prospect but those that have to commute and many others never want to see much snow again.
In 2000 there was talk of everyone having to get “Winter tyres” , shops were selling those shoe grips for walking on icy paths, people stocked up on salt and so on.
Certainly in Dublin there’s been little or no snow in the meantime.We’ll see how the next few days pan out…..


1. Starkadder - January 12, 2017

I’ve heard talk that public transport won’t be running in parts of Ireland tomorrow because of the frozen roads.


2. sonofstan - January 12, 2017

Labour branch meeting at hilltop community centre cancelled tonight; clue’s in the name. The roads in an d out of Wycombe turn into ski slopes..


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