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Disabled access to new apartment housing… January 16, 2017

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Something about this really angers me, the news that:

Minimum apartment sizes, introduced a year ago by former minister for the environment Alan Kelly, are too small to be wheelchair accessible, according to Dublin City Council’s architects’ division.


The council had set the minimum size of public or private one-bed apartments at 55sq m (592sq ft), two-bed apartments at 90sq m (969sq ft) and three-bed apartments at 100sq m (1,076sq ft).
Mr Kelly had blamed excessive size standards for deterring construction and in December 2015 set new standards which set one-bed apartments at 45sq m (484sq ft), two-bed apartments at 73sq m (786sq ft) and three-bed apartments at 90sq m (969sq ft).

The architect in DCC notes that:

The reality that most housing in the city would in future be in apartment blocks raised issues not just with accommodating the needs of disabled people now, but would re-emerge when architects were trying to adapt homes in the future, Mr Swan said.

So rather than ‘solving’ anything these sizes actually add new problems- and most directly to a group that is already marginalised and needs more rather than less focus on making lives better. That this was done by those who espouse the rhetoric of social democracy… but then… how does one deal with this sort of attitude?

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland has said this would make the apartments impossible to design.
Mr Kelly said at the time that the architects’ claims were not true.


1. GW - January 16, 2017

Normal service from FF/FG governments – property speculators get whatever they want, whenever they want.


2. JM - January 16, 2017

In the latest City Development Plan the ‘new improved’ apartment standards introduced during the period when nothing was being built were reversed . Developers again got pretty much everything they asked for , with a few bits thrown in to look like political parties were resisting the pro development agenda.


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