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Interview with Stephen Donnelly January 20, 2017

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Yep, it’s an interview in Hot Press. Conducted by Jason O’Toole it certainly is far-ranging – attitudes to sex and drugs, and of course the Social Democrats. For this unlikely tribune of the soft left certainly has some things to say about that topic:

Some members of Social Democrats told me you resigned because you were unhappy that the party didn’t go into government?
I believe we should have gone into government, but what bothered me far more was a refusal to even enter
talks about government. Our election position was clear: we would talk to any party or group interested in social democratic policies. I gave that assurance to over a million people on the Leaders’ Debate. Call me old fashioned – or naïve – but I take that sort of thing seriously. So yes, it was a contributing factor, but by no means the only one.
Was there any major arguments or tension between
you and the party’s other two co-leaders?

Can you expand?
Starting a political party is difficult, so naturally there are going to be tensions. The party chose, when I left, to engage in some snide nonsense, but that was their choice. My choice was to stay quiet.

O’Toole asks him…

Catherine Murphy told me that she’s left wing and you’re on the right.
Catherine is certainly left of me. I know where I am. But it is described in different ways. I was talking to
one very experienced political correspondent, who described me as right wing on the front page. I said to him, ‘You have seen me consistently for six years advocate progressive social policy and responsible economics. That’s not right wing’. He said, ‘But you’re pro-business!’ I said, ‘I am unashamedly pro-business. But that’s not what right wing means. Right wing means smaller government and less focus on public
service’. And he said, ‘Ah, yeah, but you’re probusiness’. In truth, I am socially left, socially liberal, and unashamedly pro-enterprise.

Some interesting definitions being thrown about there – eh? I like this exchange…

There’s also really interesting stuff to be done in the Department of Public Expenditure and
That’s exactly what Paschal Donohoe said in his Hot
Press interview.

That’s just a taste – there’s a lot more, neutrality, Repeal the 8th, millennials and their hang-ups, the Swedish model in regard to prostitution, fracking and so on. Very interesting it is too.


1. dublinstreams - January 20, 2017

“6. The Social Democrats have stated that we will not enter government with Fine Gael. Why? Because with just three TDs (for now, hopefully), versus their 50, we would end up having to defend many policies we believe damage the country (see last five years), in exchange for very little ability to effect genuine change. As such, we will engage positively in the Dáil on an issue-by-issue basis, helping craft, and voting for, legislation we believe beneficial, opposing legislation we believe damaging, and continuing to advocate for the sort of real and meaningful change we believe is needed. Stephen Donelly April 2016 “http://stephendonnelly.ie/after-round-3-of-voting-where-do-we-stand/

they waited for FF and FG to come to an inevitable agreement and by that time the Independet Alliance got in there, I think he regrets not joining them.

listen to him on East coast FM https://soundcloud.com/stephen-donnelly-373874107/talking-government-formation-on-east-coast-fm and Pat Kenny show https://soundcloud.com/stephen-donnelly-373874107/what-next-for-the-social-democrats, last spring, he didn’t sound too bothered at the time maybe he’s a good actor, he seemed very excited with the new balance of the Dail saying that a back bencher was nearly as powerful as Minister now! (he achieved a few things because FF have backed him)

He keeps avoiding talking about why he left with references to stuff that happened after he left, he didn’t turn up at the Leinster regional conference, he attended just six of 27 of his committee meetings http://www.businesspost.ie/stephen-donnelly-attended-just-six-of-27-committee-meetings/ his absentee rate in 2015/16 was over 70% https://datawrapper.dwcdn.net/pKzOo/4/ SD reps said this was because he was busy setting up the party, which he then subsequently left.


2. paulculloty82 - January 20, 2017

Agree that it would have been self-defeating for the SDs to enter government at that point – even now they still have only established 75% of their branches, and trying to build structures while in government would have proven virtually impossible. That said, the interview does lend further credence to the view that the party should have elected a single leader, and they have been notably ineffective in communicating their messages to the public over the last 12 months, reflected in their poll stagnation.


dublinstreams - January 20, 2017

the media was forced to give the SD’s, Stephen Donnelly a platform during the election havn’t been since, also gov has kicked many of the issues Catherine Murphy raised to inquiries and reports, committees etc. btw RS release interim health report today http://www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/media/committees/futureofhealthcare/Second-Interim-Report-of-the-Committee-on-the-Future-of-Healthcare-200117.pdf


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