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Party property… January 20, 2017

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Was slightly amused by the report in the SBP at the weekend that FF has ‘cut debts’ after selling St Luke’s, the property described by the paper as ‘Bertie Ahern’s base’. It made all of €750,000 when sold (the original valuation was €550,000). Interestingly, to me at least, the property was originally purchased as a trust by friends of Ahern but when he ‘resigned from the party in 2012’ it was gifted to Fianna Fáil. A couple of other insights into party property – Fine Gael’s HQ, a Georgian building on Upper Mount Street, is valued at €2.1m. SF has three properties worth in total €1.5m but these include its Belfast HQ.

This has been mentioned (I think by dublinstreams) and it bears re-reading, the SIPO report on the 2016 GE.


1. dublinstreams - January 20, 2017

Report on Political Parties’ Statements of Accounts 2015 http://www.sipo.gov.ie/en/About-Us/News/Press-Releases/2017-Press-Releases/Press-Release-Report-on-Political-Parties-Statements-of-Accounts-2015.html I can’t figure (in these 2015 accounts) where (small) parties got their money for the election, not from big fundraising yet spending ten of thousands on candidates in as seen 2016 SIPO election reports. Most of the other tiny parties did not submit audited accounts.

Green party spent 44k on its premises while having no paid employees.

Communist Party still running on funds for sale of property 20 year ago and rent on the Essex Street building/theatre


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