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President Trump January 20, 2017

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Any thoughts? I’m away to Black Sabbath this evening – as I said elsewhere, seems oddly appropriate.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - January 20, 2017

Since you mention appropriate music, I suggest this:

While not letting the Democrats off the hook:

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2. sonofstan - January 20, 2017

Just at a meeting where the lone american said he’d been talking to his sister back home and she had been moaning about Trump, he countered with Brexit, which she thought it was minor compared with what the US was about to undergo. He countered with ‘trump is for 4/8 years; Brexit is forever’


3. CL - January 20, 2017

Revellers in Moscow and elsewhere gathered for celebrations as bar and club owners sought to cash in on public excitement….
A hundred Trump sympathisers, nationalist activists and spin doctors gathered at a hipster party location several hundred metres away from the Kremlin to celebrate
The party was co-sponsored by the conservative Tsargrad TV channel, which is led by ultra-right ideologue Alexander Dugin


4. EWI - January 20, 2017

We’re screwed (the Trumps are already moving in to gut environmental and civil rights programs and offices inside the US civil service).

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5. EWI - January 20, 2017

Also, I’m going to deck the next hipster Marxist too cool to give a shit about what Trump’s about to do.

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6. CL - January 20, 2017

“From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.”

“In using the slogan “America First”, Mr Trump has, wittingly or unwittingly, branded his protectionist foreign policy with the name of 1940s isolationist anti-Semetic national organisation that urged the US government to negotiate a peace deal with Adolf Hitler.”

Trump unapologetically seized upon the nationalist slogan that was most detested by our globalist elites, “America first!”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/01/reagan-and-trump-american-nationalists/#As9DoPXML5BMq6RX.99


Ed - January 20, 2017

There already seems to be a sharp generational divide opening up among American Jews in the response to Trump. The groups like AIPAC and the ADL are willing to hold their nose for anything, it seems, in anticipation of 100% unconditional support for Netanyahu’s government (Abe Foxman of the ADL says that “to resist [Trump] and fight him is immature”) but they’re not carrying younger Jewish-Americans with them on that:



Alibaba - January 20, 2017

‘He also claimed the inauguration was not merely transferring power from one elected President to another, but was a transfer of power “from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the people”.’

Which right-wingers gave us that kind of anti-establishment empty rhetoric? The proto-fascists.


7. CL - January 21, 2017

‘Within hours of moving into the White House, Donald Trump has honoured his pledge to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.’

‘Nigel Farage will be made a “close but unofficial adviser” to Donald Trump after he enters the White House today, a key ally of the new president has said.’

‘ Mrs May hopes to fly out to Washington DC on Thursday – much earlier than previously thought.
The visit has been brought forward after Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s chief strategist, reached out to appeal for an early trip, according to sources.’

‘Too close and unthinking an allegiance to Washington has sometimes got British governments into trouble. Such difficulties seem likely only to multiply under President Donald Trump, an erratic nationalist who is already at odds with sections of America’s own foreign policy establishment.’-Linda Colley.


8. Starkadder - January 21, 2017

Did anyone else go to, or is going to, anti-Trump protests?

I went to the PBP one in Dublin yesterday. Well-attended, with speaks from the anti-racism and pro-choice movements. Heartening to see so many teenagers and students there-seems Trump has stirred them into action. One of the speakers gave a swipe at the IT for the disgraceful Nicholas Pell article.


irishelectionliterature - January 21, 2017

Went along for a while and I didn’t see that many new faces , does seem to be a rise in activism of young people around Repealing the 8th.


9. CL - January 21, 2017
10. Starkadder - January 21, 2017

SPeaking of appropriate music, how fitting is this ‘ere Fatima Mansions song for the nez Prez ?


11. yourcousin - January 21, 2017


About the only good thing to come out yesterday. Should’ve gone for the temple though…


Starkadder - January 21, 2017
12. Starkadder - January 21, 2017

How Trump is in violation of the “emoluments clause” by taking money from foreign governments:



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