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The first recorded sounds… January 21, 2017

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A friend drew my attention to this the other day, the issue of what is the first recorded sound – or rather the first recorded sound to survive.
It’s fascinating conceptually, isn’t it? I doubt we’re that fussed about the thirty first recorded sound to survive. Or the thousandth, or the second million and five. But the first. Even before listening to it it struck me how weighted with meaning it was.

Given that the first sound comes from the period between 1853/4 and 1860 that means that we’re looking back over 150 years. Think of that and everything that has come since.


1. EWI - January 21, 2017

A sound recording of Constance Markievicz was rediscovered in the US a year or two ago (from a fund-raising tour).

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2. Dermot O Connor - January 21, 2017

Might be of interest (scanning unplayable wax cylinders with a 3D scanner, then converting the CGI model into a playable audio file. With time, these CGI models can be fixed, to remove the crackles. I heard an astonishing one about 12 or 13 years back.


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