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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week January 22, 2017

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Brendan O’Connor has been anti-Trump, but is that an example of the creeping normalisation of his agenda – that the Irish Times has jumped into with both feet – we detect here, disguised as humour?

His suggestion that he would put his own country first was viewed with more wailing and gnashing of teeth. “Nooooooooo!!!!!!” cried out Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro at Trump’s suggestion that he would give power back to the people and attempt to create jobs for the little guy. And liberals everywhere felt a little less safe in their beds, with some of them even wetting them.

In the editorial, not so much outright stupid as a spectacular case of kettle, the pot has something it wants to say to you.

The standard of economic expertise at the Department of Finance was found to be woefully lacking in various inquiries subsequent to the economic collapse. It would be negligent in the extreme were that still to be the case at a time when the country is facing a challenge, indeed multiple challenges, comparable to if not potentially more grave than the grievous crash from which we have emerged, albeit in a rather lopsided and still unsatisfactory fashion.


1. WorldbyStorm - January 22, 2017

I think you’re right, I think BOC is shifting the ground…


2. Starkadder - January 24, 2017

Not from the Sindo, but the “Irish Examiner”, a risible dig at People Before Profit by Victoria White:

“If Ireland faces a threat to its democracy it will be from the left….The media have been ignoring their duties under the Broadcasting Act in failing to discriminate between democratic politics and politics which undermine democracy. ”


Translation-Irish Media, turn into Fox News or else.


dublinstreams - January 24, 2017

the Sunday Times highlighted a study featured on the Political Reform blog that claimed Sinn Fein and Independents vote were populist https://politicalreform.ie/2017/01/17/a-populist-vote-in-the-2016-general-election-in-ireland/ they defined populism “suggestions that the nation’s wealth is being ring-fenced by ‘the system’ for a golden circle rather than spread around fairly, reflect three of the most common dimensions of what is today referred to as ‘populism’”

theres another word you could call this, not populism, you could call it the truth.

Sinn Fein election surge due to ‘distrust of political elite’ sT (paywall)


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