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Trump like politicians we may have seen? January 25, 2017

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Anyone have any suggestions of which more familiar, Irish or UK or European politicians Trump is like? I’m trying to think of ones he comes closest to in style – from the contemporary scene or the recent or distant past.


1. Starkadder - January 25, 2017

Rachel Maddow compared Trump to George Wallace early in the former’s run:


While Corey Robin has an interesting piece comparing Trump to, of all people, Jimmy Carter:

Carter declared, “My positions are not predictable.” Trump, too, has occupied an ambiguous ideological space of ever-changing policies and commitments. And like Carter—who anointed himself the sole vehicle of reform, cultivating, in his words, “the lonely, independent candidate image depending on the voter only”—Trump has declared himself the single, solitary voice of renovation: “I alone can fix it,” as he said at the Republican National Convention.



2. 33claremont - January 25, 2017

Greatest similarity with Alan Kelly
Some features in common with Michael Lowry, Mattie McGrath, Noel Davern and Sean Treacy. And that’s without leaving Tipperary.

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GW - January 25, 2017

🙂 Nice one. All politics is local.


Gerryboy - January 25, 2017

Nobody has mentioned the Healy-Raes. They’re inimitable, and only want to rule Kerry boy.


makedoanmend - January 25, 2017

Love it when a comment can invoke laughter and it did. Excellent.


3. CL - January 25, 2017

‘People keep comparing Trump to Mussolini, but I’m beginning to think this might be unfair to Il Duce.’


EWI - January 26, 2017

Absolutely Mussolini. Dubya attempted this (the supposed carrier landing at the controls of a plane) but Trump is the real fascist strongman ideal, utterly impervious to reality.


4. Michael Carley - January 25, 2017

Touch of the Haugheys?

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lamentreat - January 25, 2017

Touch of the Goerings, I’d say. Big bloated boor, vulgar brutal narcissist.


Michael Carley - January 25, 2017

But what about Trump?


5. enda_c - January 25, 2017

I don’t know enough about S African history but can picture him as an apartheid-era leader. Otherwise, as has been pointed out many times by now, President Business from The Lego Movie

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6. crocodileshoes - January 25, 2017

Berlusconi – vulgarity, Benny Hill sexual politics, paranoia, cranial topiary.

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7. ivorthorne - January 26, 2017

A touch of Borris Johnson.


8. Starkadder - January 26, 2017

As I’ve said before, Trump reminds me of Joh Bjelke-Petersen in Australia, or maybe Robert Muldoon in New Zealand.

Also, I really think Leftists would benefit from learning the history of other
countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


9. Starkadder - January 26, 2017

Or maybe the Roman Emperors? There’s a strong touch of Nero about Trump, or Diocletian, who murdered Christians and Manicheans because he thought their beliefs made them innately disloyal-like today’s Islamophobes.

Plus, like Caligula, he’s already put a few horse’s asses on political seats….


10. irishelectionliterature - January 26, 2017

He is starting to remind me of Slobodan Milošević


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