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Criticism averse January 26, 2017

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Interesting piece here in Slate by Fred Kaplan on how the Trump Cabinet nomination process was running into some trouble over the last week. Now, as we know the committee voted 11-10 in favour of sending his nomination to a Senate vote and I presume that’s it, he’s over the line.

Given his previous support for TPP it must be – ahem – interesting at the White House. And one can only wonder at the influence he has on President Trump.

But this is particularly telling about the likely composition of that Cabinet and an interesting dynamic at work.

Very wealthy corporate chiefs—a description that matches most of Trump’s Cabinet picks—tend to surround themselves with yes-men and aren’t accustomed to attacks in the mass media (or anyplace else).


1. bjg - January 26, 2017
FergusD - January 26, 2017

From that blog:

” Trump will have people in his entourage competing to give him the pieces of information he needs. In his business organization, he sets the vision and then hires people to execute that vision; and then he goes back to doing what we have seen him do so well, which is to create the brand and image.

He is bringing in people to execute his vision, and he’s going to expect them to get it done. He will jump in when he thinks he’s needed or when he can add something to the process, but he will mostly be paying attention to his team’s performance.”

Sounds a bit like the management style of that deceased German leader with the ‘tache. “his entourage competing to give him the information he needs (read “wants”?).


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