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This Week At Irish Election Literature January 27, 2017

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Starting off with a Pro Life Leaflet from a Republican, Progressive , Pro Life group “Cherish All The Children Equally”.

A “Dump Trump!” leaflet from The Socialist Party.

From the 1954 General Election a Flyer from JB Colgan, Matt Merrigan, Richard Deasy running for Labour in Dublin South West.




1. Pasionario - January 27, 2017

Can anyone explain why Labour would run three candidates in a single constituency, splitting the vote and winning no seats, when a single candidate might have done the job?


Michael “Strong Communist Voice in Dail Eireann” O’Riordain provided further competition on the left that time too.


2. oconnorlysaght - January 27, 2017

With due respect, Pasionario, I’m not sure whether there was a Labour quota in Dublin SE in ’54, even if Mick OR’s voters all gave Labour their second prefs. As it was, they held only one deposit between them.
From Matt Merrigan’s own account (in ‘Eggs and Rashers’) I would say that the three labour candidates were nominated to balance the claims of their respective unions.


Pasionario - January 27, 2017

I see what you mean about the unions and, yes, a single candidate would have been only an outside bet anyway.


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