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Well that’s a succinct summing up of matters in the UK January 30, 2017

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Slate.com is an odd one. Some very good writers and some not so great ones – all wrapped in a site that is often tooth-grindingly liberal. Still, every once in a while its view of matters can be acutely on the nose. As in an article addressing the May/Trump summit which has the following:

At times, May has seemed to be angling for a kind of Trump-lite position in British politics, stressing national sovereignty and border security without the bombast of the Donald. Even if she’s not openly demonizing immigrants in the mode of Trump and Farage, it’s a little hard to take the paeans to the importance of tolerance in her speech yesterday seriously when her government is prioritizing immigration controls over access to European markets.


1. CL - January 30, 2017

‘the Emperor Nero has now taken power in Washington — and the British are having to smile and clap as he sets fires and reaches for his fiddle.’


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