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Bored now… Trump and his empty field. February 1, 2017

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Listen to Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie podcast and the first ten to fifteen minutes – where he has excerpts from Trump’s speech to the intelligence community. It’s absolutely stunning to hear how self-referential and self-pitying he is. As Rudin noted, here’s this guy who is President of the US and yet he has an obsession with the size of the crowd, the number of votes Clinton got, etc? “If he really believes he’s won why is he so defensive?” was the gist of the commentary. Rudin, by the by, positions himself as a largely neutral observer of US politics.

His guest, a Washington Post journalist, argued that he is firstly a provocateur and secondly that he is ‘somewhat bored with the mundane day to day business of being the President’. So ’its hard for him to go to the CIA to make a standard issue speech where nothing is going on’ and hence the urge to whip up controversy in order to keep him in the public eye.

Could it be that? That the man is ‘bored’, that he is addicted to coverage in the media?

Interesting point made that his attacks on the press is going to make it difficult for him to get ratings above 40-45%.


1. CL - February 1, 2017

‘The policy’s rollout has combined, in one act, all of the features of the Trump Administration’s startling first eleven days: it places political theatre before considered policy; it threatens constitutional principles; it reflects incompetent and hasty decision-making; and it is plainly dangerous.’-Steve Coll

Just a prelude for the next four years: dangerous, incompetent, unconstitutional political theatre.


2. GW - February 1, 2017

Forget Trump’s state of mind. What does Steve Bannon want? He certainly won’t get bored and will fill his front man with purposes.

My guess is that they’ll want some kind of military escalation in Syria and the neighbouring countries. The exclusion of the top military and intelligence from the MSC suggests that the military will be presented with a plan that they will be compelled to implement.


CL - February 1, 2017
GW - February 1, 2017



3. GW - February 1, 2017

Bannon is a self-avowed tactical Leninist with a racist nationalist ideology.

As such his priorities will be:

A) Protect his front man from internal attack by a blitzkrieg through US institutions. Weaken or coopt alternative centres of power.

B) normalise rule by presidential decree. Get the republican party to buy into this.

C) move quickly to the projecting of US hard power over soft power as befits the masculinity of the top nation.


CL - February 1, 2017

And as the popular backlash against the regime increases invoke patriotism and use police action to repress dissent.


Joe - February 1, 2017

Report on the radio this morning said a reputable poll had put support for Trump’s racist immigration diktat among the US population at 49%; opposition at 41%. The popular backlash needs to get more popular.

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