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Capital investment… February 2, 2017

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I was also talking recently to someone who is involved in the financial industry who suggested after offering the usual withering criticism of politicians, all politicians, that Fine Gael would never support or fund capital investment. Their take being that it was only when Fianna Fáil was back in the power that anything like that would be seen. So clearly not all politicians were equally bad in their eyes in that respect – but beyond that what do people think, is there anything in that analysis? Is FF more likely to use the levers of state? I’m dubious but…


1. CL - February 2, 2017
EWI - February 2, 2017

Ardnacrusha was a controversial scheme with CnaG (accusations of communism). It should really be seen as an end point to long efforts by people who were associated with the Corporation’s plan to establish a similar scheme, and who were absorbed into the ESB.


2. EWI - February 2, 2017

Yes. Jesus, are people really not aware of this?


3. Enzo - February 2, 2017

You only have to look at the government’s record on transport infrastructure. Especially in Dublin


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