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Resources and links of use to the left Thread – Week 5, 2017 February 2, 2017

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Starkadder made the point recently that:

Maybe it’s time we set aside specific threads for collecting links on subjects that may of interest to the left in general? Things like water charges, Irish trade unions, Israel-Palestine, etc.

I think that’s a great idea. It’s more focussed than What You Want to Say, more of a resource. So I’ll post that up every week and see how it goes from there. We do have a resources tab above and perhaps we could populate it with material from these threads?


1. Starkadder - February 2, 2017

This is the US Holocaust Museum’s “Early Warning Signs of Fascism” poster that’s gone viral:



2. GW - February 3, 2017

What happened so Signs of Hope?

I’ll post here instead.

CETA ratification (and further TISA negotiations) looking more unlikely.

In January the alliance for a referendum to forbid the government from ratifying TTIP, CETA or TISA needed to get 100,000 signatures in a quite stringent process to start a referendum.

They exceeded the necessary number by a factor a 5 with more than half a million people signing. This from a total possible electorate of about 7 million.

This is an example of effective use of EU political structures at a local level to stop a series of agreement designed to hand more power over from the (formally and potentially substantive) democratic sphere to private capitalist interests.

Was it reported in the Irish press?


3. Starkadder - February 4, 2017

Speaking of links….maybe some the links on the CDL blog should be updated?

Some of the linked sites, such as “Wednesday’s Irish Politics Blog” and “gfmurphy101” haven’t been updated for several
years ,or are inactive. And Christopher Hitchens is both no longer a leftist or alive, so should we still have a link to his website?


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