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Food on airlines – redux February 4, 2017

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Anyone flown Aer Lingus in the last six months or so? Am I wrong or has their in-flight food service essentially ended with a very very limited range of food on offer and no pre-orders of breakfasts and so on?


1. sonofstan - February 4, 2017

Yes, at least on short haul. Mind you, haven’t flown anywhere further than UK/ Ireland with them in last year.
BA still do meals of a sort on European flights, as do some relatively budget outfits like Norwegian and Vueling.


2. John Goodwillie - February 4, 2017

To Aer Lingus, Greece is short-haul. Pre-ordering didn’t seem to be available last September. Wouldn’t be so bad if the food they do have wasn’t so awful.


3. Geraldus Galwensis - February 4, 2017

I wouldn’t expect great breakfasts or lunches on short haul flights. Briefly, my experience of medium and long haul flights is that Turkish Airlines in-flight lunch is attractively Mediterranean with palatable white wine, and Ethiopian Airlines lunch tasted and looked good, possibly due to Italian influence. I favour friendly cabin crew regardless of the grub served.


WorldbyStorm - February 4, 2017

No dispute re your last point.


4. sonofstan - February 4, 2017

My semi-frequent flyer tip. Get to the airport early and eat there. Unless you’re crossing the atlantic, few flights are so long that you can’t survive without food. No stressing in security line, there’ll be free wi-fi so you can at least pretend you’ll do some work. I appreciate none of this applies if travelling with children.

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