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This Weekend I’ll mostly be Listening to… songs with Revolution in their title or lyrics… February 4, 2017

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How did myself or IEL never do this before? Here’s some songs with “revolution” in their title or lyrics. That’s the only qualification. They don’t have to be political, but some are. They range across a number of genres and concerns, some are straight up about political revolution, others about social and other revolutions, some use the term just for change, or one suspects because it rhymes well with…er…something or another… and it’s entertaining to see how many of them are cynical (McLennan) kind of wistful (The Cult), demanding (Covenant) and others melancholy as they address the sense of failed or lost revolutions – the late 1960s are, inevitably, a touchstone. A range of genres (there’s a couple of obvious song’s I’ve left out but please put them in comments) – Blitz were kind of Oi, Queensryche from their remarkably critical take on US society on the Operation Mindcrime, ambient/dance with All India Radio, Covenants futurepop, hippy revivalism with The Cult, McLennan is just McLennan though not a great recording on YouTube (in the sense that it’s much tinnier than the album version) but a great sardonic McLennan song and so on…

All contributions gratefully accepted.

Grant McLennan – Sally’s Revolution

Covenant – We Want Revolution

The Cult – Revolution

All India Radio – Permanent Revolutions

Blitz – Your Revolution

Queensryche – Revolution Calling

Hawkwind – It’s So Easy

“Try to understand it, though it’s very hard to see
The reason that we are living no longer seems to be
Revolution’s coming; the chaos will soon end
We’ve reached the age of learning
You’ll see it in the end”

Presumably after Trump so.

There’s a brilliant song titled Revolution by cowboy music outfit called Cowboy Nation who’ll I’ll look at again in this slot, but it’s not available on YouTube unfortunately.


1. sonofstan - February 4, 2017

Not only a call to revolution, but a fully fledged interim programme, pending free elections…..

Come join the revolution/ get yourself a constitution…..

Other obvious ones;

T. Rex – Children of______
Gil Scott- Heron – The ______will not be Televised
Roxy Music – Do the Strand ( it’s a teenage revolution…)
and this:

‘I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars/ but I hate them worse than lepers and I kill them in their cars/ I’ve got the revolution blues…….


WorldbyStorm - February 4, 2017



Florrie O'Donoghue - February 4, 2017

Revolution Blues is the inevitable paranoid hangover of the 1960s in one short, fantastical songs. Excellent choice.

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sonofstan - February 4, 2017

The ‘dark’ Neil after Harvest is still my favourite Neil. On the Beach, Tonight’s the Night, Time Fades Away…..

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2. Lamneth - February 4, 2017
WorldbyStorm - February 4, 2017

Unexpected! 😉


3. Phil - February 4, 2017

There’s the Beatles’s Revolution[s] and the Clash’s Revolution Rock, and we can’t forget Something In The Air or Won’t Get Fooled Again, but my nomination is this. I like it slightly less since hearing Scott Walker’s The War is Over (to which it owes a huge debt) but it’s still rather bleakly wonderful.

The revolution *was* televised – now it’s over, bye bye…


rockroots - February 4, 2017

The lyrics of Won’t Get Fooled Again often pop into my head lately when a town in the middle east changes hands and the menfolk change their beard style accordingly.

There’s also this poppy little battle hymn:

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