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AfD election strategy February 5, 2017

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GW notes:

Someone has leaked the AfD election strategy document for the German federal elections in 2017.. (The usual Scribd nonsense with having to give a makey-uppey email address to be able to download the thing applies.)

They talk about general principles, tactics and who their main rivals are.

Gems include:

– Don’t demand much work of the electorate – never propose complex or thought-through policies – instead conjure up images that will evoke an emotional reaction. This is something the toothbrush-moustached-one realised after the lack of success of the NSDAP in the early 1920s.

– Represent the other parties collectively as ‘oldparties’. The NSDAP equivalent was ‘Systemparty’.

– The usual ‘anchor left, pivot right’ attempt to provoke reactions from the liberal/left ‘good people [Gutmenschen] and get a media amplification bonus thereby.

Amusingly the document regrets that another right-wing party with virtually the same policies (such as they are) is in government in Bavaria. That’s the CSU.

They admit to being vulnerable to being accused of being the new home for various fascist-spectrum and outright neo-Nazi sympathisers. The concern of the document is not to exclude these people, but to counter this picture of them in the media.

They also see themselves as vulnerable when parties like them are in government elsewhere and things go tits-up.

So on the basis of this intelligence, how should anti-fascists deal with parties like the AfD during elections?

a) Don’t react to their provocations but instead keep hammering away at their fascist members, allies and techniques.

b) Provide a political programme with concrete measures benefiting both ‘indigenous’ suffering from the injuries of capitalism and those seeking asylum and refuge. Continue to hammer away at the real problems – capitalism and the war & environmental destruction that comes with it.

c) Use Brexit and Trump as concrete examples of what right-wing nationalism means when it gains power.


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