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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 5, 2017

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Brendan O’Connor wants the outside world to fix the middle east.

So in our delusion now, the left and the right have conspired to ignore the root of the problem and to make the conversation about migration.

Because foreign intervention has absolutely nothing to do with the problem in the first place.

Niamh Horan addresses St Patrick’s day.

So let’s stop the moral hand-wringing, forget reactionary populism, take the shamrock, and act in the taxpayer’s interest.

When you put the hysteria to one side, there’s only one thing worth remembering on our national day: Ireland remains America’s gateway to Europe and the global location of choice for US investment.

But if we forget reactionary populism, you’ll be out of a job Niamh.


1. CL - February 5, 2017

‘Like Trump, Bannon is neither right-wing nor racist.’-Eoghan Harris.


GW - February 5, 2017

Has EH sent his CV to Breitbarf Europe, perhaps?


CL - February 5, 2017

‘A student in Paris has bought several domain names linked to far-right news website Breitbart in the hopes of blocking it from opening in France, according to reports.’


2. 6to5against - February 5, 2017

Two stories from the indo website, one lilterally on top of the other:

one which discusses how Pascal O’Donoghue ‘…capitulated to public sector union demands and agreed to bring forward pay increases by several months, costing the taxpayer an additional €120m this year.’


and the other, which talks about how paycuts in the public sector led to people losing ‘…..a quarter of your household income at the stroke of a pen…. All of a sudden we hadn’t got enough money to pay for the messages. I literally could not pay the mortgage,’


A more serious publication might have struggled with the idea of talking about crippling pay cuts in a sympathetic manner one moment and then referring to the partial restoration of that pay as an ‘increase,’ in disparaging tones a few centimetres away.

But not the Indo.


6to5against - February 5, 2017

And the O’Donghue piece also talks about how ‘teachers and bus drivers are set for all-out strike action over new demands on pay and conditions.’

That might just about describe the driver’s situation (and they have my full support), but about teachers? There are no new demands and there are no plans for even one days strike, never mind going all out.

But this thread is about ‘stupid’ comments. Whereas this should really be described as a lie.


Alibaba - February 5, 2017

Maybe have a thread called ‘Lies, lies and myth bursting’.


3. ivorthorne - February 5, 2017

I’ve said it before but it’s sickening to see the way some deemed the Luas drivers unworthy of a pay rise by comparing them to Gardai, nurses and bus drivers. Now those same pricks are saying none of those are worthy either.

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