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Realpolitik? February 7, 2017

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Entertaining reading this from Stephen Collins – a lecture on why Kenny was wrong to mention a possible future coalition with SF but correct to say he will go to the White House and meet Trump. Apparently:

While almost all of the TDs in the Dáil, and presumably a majority of the Irish electorate, deplore the actions of president Trump on immigration there is nothing to be gained and a lot to be lost by a boycott of the White House.


The hard reality of international relations is that our political leaders have to encounter on a regular basis the leaders of states whose human rights records leave a lot to be desired.

That last was so good he had to almost say it twice!

International relations have to be conducted on the basis of national interest and respect for the sovereignty of other countries rather than self-indulgent emotion.
What our political leaders can do is to clearly state the Republic’s position on issues such as human rights and immigration during their official visits, whether in Washington or Havana.

And this position:

…commanded not just the full support of his own party but that of Fianna Fáil as well.

So there… whereas in relation to Sinn Féin, whose leaders presumably ‘leave a lot to be desired’…

While there is actually little or no chance of that happening for the foreseeable future, the fact that the Taoiseach even entertained the notion horrified many Fine Gael TDs and party members and represented a nice publicity boost for Sinn Féin.



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