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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to…John Metcalfe February 11, 2017

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You may not have heard of John Metcalfe but you’ve undoubtedly heard his music umpteen times. The New Zealander was a member of The Durutti Column for many years and has arranged strings for various artists including Bat For Lashes ,Blur, Morrissey, Coldplay, Simple Minds and The Pretenders. He was part of the Duke Quartet and
You can hear the Vini Reilly influence on some of the solo stuff , it’s really beautiful and intricate and something that I’ve been listening to for a long time. Well worth a listen.

His website

Starting off with him talking about his “Micro Moments” which is really informative.

and on to his music…


1. WorldbyStorm - February 11, 2017

Really interesting post IEL, I knew nothing about him before this, great sounds.


2. nlgbbbblth - February 13, 2017

You might like this. My journey through some greatly underexposed records. The indie side of sophisti pop. https://m.mixcloud.com/nlgbbbblth/a-gift-from-the-past-shattered-dreams-revisited-1981-1995/


irishelectionliterature - February 13, 2017

Thanks, some excellent stuff there.


WorldbyStorm - February 13, 2017

Fantastic compilation, great work


nlgbbbblth - February 13, 2017

Thanks, appreciate the feedback


WorldbyStorm - February 13, 2017

I meant to say don’t hesitate to post a link to your new compilations as and when they go up, we’d be happy to put a short post linking to them whenever. I think there’s a similar musical appreciation here.


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