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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 12, 2017

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

But even if Trump posed no threat, there is every reason why Enda Kenny should stop the needy nagging, step up to the plate and call for the creation of a militant coalition of the centre in Europe.

This coalition would take on the task of rolling back reaction and pushing progressive pro-European policies in two areas.

First, it would face the fact that Europe needs its own powerful military force, armed with nuclear weapons, and with the German army at its core, to combat Russian aggression and make up for any American neglect of Nato.

More sensible geopolitical commentary from Eoghan Harris. Other than that, not much.


1. WorldbyStorm - February 12, 2017

Well that’s a bats analysis on his part.


stuart - February 12, 2017

How different is it to the position of the EU?


2. GW - February 12, 2017

I must remember to send Mr. Harris the Bundeswehr action-man figure I found at a flea-market.

He can draw a bit map of eastern Europe on his desk and move it around making ‘dakka-dakka-dakka’ noises.

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Michael Carley - February 12, 2017

Who, Harris or the BW squaddie?


GW - February 12, 2017

There’s and idea – a full-size blow up BW doll and Harris and it can take it in turns to be the Asiatic Hordes and the Defenders of Judeo-Christian Civilisation.


3. Dermot O Connor - February 12, 2017

He’s a bully-worshiping tankie at heart.

Doesn’t matter what flag is on the tank of course, just as long as he gets to cheer it on.


EWI - February 14, 2017

Please tell me that, somewhere in North Korea, there’s an ancient tank rolling around with a dedication to the Irish comrades of the revolution on it. Could we even sponsor an NK tank to be named after Comrade Harris? Anyone got the phone number of their embassy?


4. Pasionario - February 12, 2017

As everyone knows, the road to “progressive pro-Europeanism” begins with tearing up the Non-Proliferation Treaty.


EWI - February 14, 2017

You would think that the Irish political parties would remember the principled reasoning behind our own non-aligned status (itself no doubt reinforced by the personal knowledge of people who had been politically active when Irish delegates were turned away from the Versailles peace conference).


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