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Governing part(ies)… February 13, 2017

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And also in relation to Maurice McCabe, albeit more tangentially. Doesn’t this give a clear insight into the way things are in Leinster House?

Fianna Fáil will not support Sinn Féin’s motion of no confidence in the Government over the Garda whistleblower row, The Irish Times has learned.
The Dáil will this week debate the motion, which follows revelations over child protection agency Tusla wrongly sending false allegations about Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe to gardaí.
The party has not ruled out amending the motion tabled by Sinn Féin.
However, as per the arrangements of the confidence and supply agreement between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, it will abstain.

The government may fall on this issue, but it won’t be today, or tomorrow or likely this week.


1. deiseach - February 13, 2017

I was baffled by Mícheal Martin’s decision to spurn the benefits of government patronage. What is the point of Fianna Fáil if they can’t provide the parish pump? Increasingly though it’s beginning to resemble a stroke of evil genius.


Jim Monaghan - February 13, 2017

Why take a small share now, when a bigger share might and probably will come. I would add that the system (the one we are allowed) likes a safe alternative. An alternating FG plus allies versus a FF plus allies. “A short form (specifically, an anapodoton) of French plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose ‎(“the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”).”. Even from a bourgeois reformist point of view we have a system impervious to change. From school programs to the hospitals it is easier to leave things as they are.


2. ivorthorne - February 14, 2017

It used to be that every time I looked at my phone there was an unbelievable story about Trump. Now the policing saga and its political consequences has taken over that roll.


WorldbyStorm - February 14, 2017

Too true.


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