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Interview with Hermes Herrera Hernández February 17, 2017

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Fascinating interview in Hot Press with the Cuban Ambassador Hermes Herrera Hernández, who has been in the role since 2014, conducted by Jason O’Toole. A lot to read in there but a few particularly intriguing insights.

What are your thoughts about the IRA
campaign in the 1970s and 1980s?

I don’t like the idea of commenting about that,
because I think it’s a delicate internal matter for
Ireland and the UK. I have a contradiction because
I was a professor for many years and normally
professors like to express their opinion: but a
diplomat has to take care of the internal situation
and the sensibilities of the nationals in the country
where you are serving or you served before.

But was Castro right or wrong to support the

I always have been supporting Castro in everything
he did – and I also supported him on that
occasion. I cannot say more than that, because
I don’t like to give a personal approach to those
things. But I supported him at that time. I too
indentified with the sacrifice of the population. He
was not talking about the policy in general of the
Movement or something like that: he was talking
about a humanitarian problem – and I think he was


Your definition of democracy is quite different
from how we perceive it in the Western

I think democracy has been mis-used in the
international media. And in the concept of the
political culture of many people it has been
reduced to the question of ‘How many parties?’
Even if you have two parties in a country – that’s
suppose to be a democracy! From my point of
view, it is not.

Would you prefer to see a Cuban-style system
in place here?

Every country has to decide which way they live.
As ambassador, we don’t give an opinion one way
or another about a particular situation inside the
country. That is a political matter and we have to
respect that. We are, of course, in favour of the
majority of the population and not a minority.

Do you believe your country’s system should be
used as a template for other countries?

We think our formula could be effective to
promote the participation of the people – from
very young ages until the old population. They
have the right to express their opinion, the right
to do it different ways. You have a formulation
to maintain the population acting in the best
sense of the protection of laws, the protection of
policies and so on. For me, that is the best way of


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