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Resources and links of use to the left Thread – Week 7, 2017 February 17, 2017

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We’re looking for links/resources useful to the Left at Starkadders suggestion. This can be archives, support groups, study groups, whatever people think can assist in building up a stack of easily accessible tools necessary to the tasks ahead. Perhaps keep articles – unless they’re longform, to the What You Want to Say thread.


1. irishelectionliterature - February 17, 2017
2. D_D - February 18, 2017

‘Left Forum Ireland’ is a facebook page which began as the mouthpiece of a now defunct group promoting a broad left formation. It remains as an occasional storage space for posts and articles on general overviews of the irish left and developments within it, in particular developments of a unitary nature. Relevent international articles also appear.


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WorldbyStorm - February 18, 2017



3. RosencrantzisDead - February 18, 2017


4. Soliinfo - February 19, 2017
5. Starkadder - February 19, 2017

A profile of neo-Nazi Andrew Angl.in, who runs the infamous Daily
Storm.er website, the web’s most popular racist website:



6. CL - February 20, 2017

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