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Speaking of Sing-Sing – here’s Captain Sensible’s Favourite LPs February 18, 2017

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From The Quietus, and a varied range it is too. He apologises for their being no punk, and there isn’t any. Instead in addition to Sing-Sing there’s the Bee Gees, Felt, Jimi Hendrix and a range of others. Of course Sensible always had a broader palette than some might give him (and the Damned) credit for.

And for more of his taste here’s his top 5 albums… and his top ten songs.


1. sonofstan - February 18, 2017

That’s an excellent list. So many of those Quietus ones just reveal that a lot of older musicians don’t really listen to music anymore and they just pick the stuff they liked as kids- and that tends to be pretty obvious.


WorldbyStorm - February 18, 2017

Yes, one really gets the sense that he likes music and a varied range in time too. It’s not just dialled in.


sonofstan - February 18, 2017

The other good one recently was the drummer in Warpaint who, for a relatively young woman had very varied and interesting taste. I loved these kind of lists back in print days when they were rare enough and musicians weren’t broadcasting the minutiae of their lives on a hourly basis. Still recall Mark E. smith picking Johnny Cash at Folsom on the NME one – what was it called?- which was just perfect. Back when JC was in his final flush, i would fantasise about a slow, mournful take of Container Drivers.

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