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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Sing-Sing February 18, 2017

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For those who liked Lush (and they broke up again late last year after a reunion that lasted all of eight months and included a fine EP and what seems to have been a great tour) Sing-Sing, the project of Emma Anderson who was guitarist and co-vocalists in Lush, is a necessary listen. Not least because while some aspects of the sound are Lush-like, there’s a different aesthetic at work – one rooted in 1960s pop. Add in some subdued electronica and what results is a remarkably finished and speedy, selection of tracks – as exemplified by their first album, The Joy of Sing-Sing. Vocalist Lisa O’Neill is a key addition to the mix. Her voice soars across a range of tracks giving them real substance. Songs like Far Away From Love, Command, You Don’t Know are catchy as all hell. And that point about speedy, they don’t shy away from increasing the pace where necessary.

They released one more album and broke up in the late 2000s which is a real pity. While there are hints of the vivid dream pop of Anderson’s original band this somehow feels like a progression. And there’s a real sense that these tracks – Feels Like Summer is another perfect example, are classics of their kind. Very listenable…

Far Away From Love

Panda Eyes


Émigré cool harp strings…

You Don’t Know

Feels Like Summer


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