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The Fine Gael leadership race? Who much cares? February 19, 2017

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That’s a genuine question, to what extent does it matter, what does it mean, what are the ramifications? Any thoughts on how any of the supposed contenders will do things differently, or how a change in leader will impact on day to day political activity or the big picture items?


1. dublinstreams - February 19, 2017

not just Fine Gael leader but Taoiseach, how do we know until it happens?


2. CMK - February 19, 2017

I have to say, I think the Blueshirts are playing a blinder. Last week we got one of those – once in a decade – glimpses of how the Irish state and its institutions actually function, via the McCabe case, and, less than a week later the news is dominated by a FG leadership contest, which will also decide who is the next Taoiseach. A hugely relieved media can now dedicate itself to several weeks of analysing Leo or Simon or Pascal or Frances and hopefully the McCabe crisis will be eased off the agenda, ‘let the Tribunal do its work’ etc. The pol corrs will always prefer tittle tattle from a gombeen party leadership contest to any structural analysis of the Irish state. So this leadership contest couldn’t have come at a better time. The outcome will make no difference to the lives of the vast majority, except possibly to make matters worse, but it saves the bacon of the political class at a tricky time.

I saw a FB page for France’s Fitzgerald – ‘Frances for Taoiseach’ – yesterday with 4 likes, so far.

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Dermot O Connor - February 19, 2017

Spot on – every effing time, without fail. The Irish people (and their ‘journalist’ class) hate talking about anything structural / financial / institutional, and will always grab at any excuse to focus on personality / soap opera.

The economy could be collapsing, and newspaper coverage of that will go to page 7 in favour of a good leadership heave or scandal story.

Look at what’s happened here: a story that undermines the credibility of:

1. State agency that protects children
2. Cabinet
3. Gardai
4. Journalism (don’t talk to McCabe, wink wink)

is already off the pages, in favour of: Leo or Simon? “See our leadership profile analysis, written by our political correspondent Ms. Direction.”


WorldbyStorm - February 19, 2017

+1 to you both – it’s a bait and switch isn’t it? Amazing how the McCabe story just falls off the pages. As you both say… it devolves into flavours of different FG Taoiseachs! Crazy.


3. dublinstreams - February 19, 2017

both Leo Varadkar & Simon Coveney set out stall in recent column Indo Leo http://leovaradkar.ie/2017/02/choice-is-between-those-who-want-to-go-back-and-those-who-look-to-future/ and TV3 interview Simon http://www.tv3.ie/3player/show/1040/120996/0/


4. shea - February 19, 2017

it is reckless at the time of the brexit talks.

it takes attention of the questions mccabe wants answered

and from there party selfish mode if it does trigger an election will most likely result in them handing the government over to FF. Not that that will make much of a difference but presumably they want the nice jobs for a while longer.

will be surprised if kenny losses to these idiots.


5. fergal - February 19, 2017

+1 to cmk and dermot. The state really is a three card trick- the real action is always somewhere else. Yesterday, Regina O Doherty on the Clare Byrne show stated that FG were a very broad church with many different voices. Unfortunately, Clare Byrne didn’t pick her up on it. Just what are these differences- more of the sideshow nonsense. Just what are these differences? Very pro-market, strongly pro-market or just pro market. FG has been one of the strongest monoliths in politics- here or elsewhere. They don’t do splits. Just various personality contests in the guise of power struggles..enter Si, Leo and whoever else the media wants to promote..


6. Aengus Millen - February 20, 2017

You do have to wonder about the prospect of thing actually getting worse. You’ve had a figure pretty much universally thought of as comically inept in Enda Kenny but if you get someone like Dr. Varadkar who calls himself a thatcherite in charge of the negotiations for the next public sector pay deal who knows what will happen.


7. dublinstreams - February 20, 2017

we do know what Coveney will do for one thing, he continue to wave through the CIA who engage in kidnap for torture https://jamesconroymedia.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/coveney-shannon-and-the-tdip/


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