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is it me or are ‘leadership’ contests in parties like FG generally very very dull. February 20, 2017

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I was thinking about how tedious the acres of coverage of nothing much happening at all in FG at the weekend were. Page after page of earnest prose about various worthies and their suitability for the role of leader of FG and Taoiseach and it just seems to me that there’s nothing much there at all. It’s not simply the ideological aspect to this, though that must play a part, but that the processes and the – erm…. personalities, aren’t terribly interesting. Or perhaps it is that leadership contests tend full stop to fairly dull.


1. GW - February 20, 2017

Eh what? Did someone say Cov…Cove



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2. bjg - February 20, 2017

But they’re also annoying. If only half the amount of attention was given to sorting out the public sector organisations …. bjg


3. CL - February 21, 2017

Dullness is one of the requirements to be the leader of Fine Gael; its even a requirement of membership. The bland leading the bland.


4. thenoisymansion - February 21, 2017

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5. sonofstan - February 21, 2017

‘Parties like FG’. I’m tempted to say there’s only one other party in Europe like FG………and that’s FF.


GW - February 21, 2017


From now on I’m referring to them as Fx where x € {G,F}.


6. Dermot O Connor - February 21, 2017

Leadership of FFG should be settled by a rubber-chicken eating competition.

In the case of a tie-break, settle by a few rounds of “name that councillor”.


CMK - February 21, 2017

🙂 I’d pay in to see that.


7. sonofstan - February 21, 2017

It’ll get dirty. The indo has an all wide-eyed innocent feature on Leo’s partner and then you scroll down to pic of Coveney with a) wife and b) child.

They even imply that Leo is a hipster….

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Alibaba - February 22, 2017

‘Meet Dr Matt Barrett – the rock behind Leo Varadkar … attention has turned to Mr Varadkar as a future leader’. And who did that attention turning? The sicko Indo, of course.


8. dublinstreams - February 22, 2017

what do you want? fist fights?


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