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Rural Independents Group… February 21, 2017

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It’s odd, there’s a lot of groups in the Dáil whose membership seems oddly difficult to pin down. For example, the Rural Independents Group. The members of same include Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins, Noel Grealish, Michael Harty, Danny Healy Rae, Michael Healy Rae, Michael Lowry. And yet Joan Burton suggested last week that two of those have an informal agreement with FG in the event of a confidence vote – that being Harty and Lowry. Are they in or out? Enda Kenny was a little vague about the level of contact between non-Government Independents and the Government when asked in the Dáil.


1. dublinstreams - February 21, 2017

Labour have been particularly exercised by this asking question about Harty and Lowry https://www.kildarestreet.com/debates/?id=2017-02-14a.191&s=harty+NEAR+lowry#g196 but getting nowhere with Kenny,. Also asking who the ‘parliamentary liason unit’ is liasing with https://www.kildarestreet.com/debates/?id=2017-01-18a.151&s=lowry+speaker%3A149#g154 what did they tolerate when they were in government with FG?

It has caused Howlin to cite articles I cannot find “Is it true, as reported in The Irish Times, that a ministerial adviser has been made available to Deputy Harty?” http://oireachtasdebates.oireachtas.ie/Debates%20Authoring/DebatesWebPack.nsf/takes/dail2016112900024?opendocument can you find that article? This must be what he is talking about a “political coordinator for Zappone Naughten and Harty http://www.thejournal.ie/independent-ministers-are-hiring-a-political-coordinator-to-liaise-with-their-government-partners-2979473-Sep2016/

Harty is more in then out.

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