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Vague February 23, 2017

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Meanwhile, just on Enda Kenny, did anyone else think this habitual master at kicking things to touch might just have pulled it off once more. The meeting at which he is supposed to resolve all last night hears him in ‘respectful’ silence as he announces all will be revealed the far side of March! Cue ovation. And he is gone.

He told his party he was committed to meeting Brexit and other challenges and that he was dedicated to avoiding any course of action that might damage the party or the country.


He said he intended to address the issue of his leadership shortly after his return from Washington for St Patrick’s Day celebrations next month and would deal with it effectively and conclusively.

Perhaps he’ll tell them he wants to stay a few months longer. Or a few months longer again. But that’s okay. It’s Fine Gael! And…

Those present said he spoke with seriousness and authority and drew applause from the 70 or so present.

So that’s alright so!


1. deiseach - February 23, 2017

This temporary little arrangement is not going to survive the first five minutes of Claire Byrne’s show on Saturday. What, she (or one of her panel) will ask, is going to be so different after St Patrick’s Day that it can’t be announced now? The Sunday papers will be eager to put the boot in, just out of divilment. I’d be surprised if someone ‘close to senior figures in the party’ has not broken ranks by the middle of next week.

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2. sonofstan - February 23, 2017

I said ti already, he’s pushing for sometime in May when he becomes the longest serving FG taoiseach.

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deiseach - February 23, 2017

I was wondering about that. I’d also wonder whether there is an unwillingness among the plain people of FG, consciously or otherwise, to defenestrate the only FG Taoiseach to win (ahem) back-to-back elections. I’d certainly wager that Enda is relying on such reluctance.


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