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Brexit and TV Broadcasting February 26, 2017

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

It really is astonishing the way Brexit could impact literally everything. One area is broadcast media. Currently there are in the region of 1000 TV stations with licenses provided by Ofcom in the UK. Naturally there’s your Channel 4, Dave, The Various Discovery Channels, History Channels and so on…. When you look at the list though you realise that there are an awful lot of channels from outside the UK but happen to be within the EU.
So what is going on? Well it just so happens that a licence to broadcast in one EU country is all a station needs to broadcast anywhere within the EU. Not just that but when broadcasting that TV Channel is subject to UK broadcasting rules. UK broadcasting rules are relatively lax by European Standards.
For example Some Scandinavian counties have bans on alcohol advertising. However a way around that is to have a Broadcasting licence from Ofcom in the UK. As it’s in the EU it’s perfectly legal to operate on a UK licence . The second most popular TV station in Sweden is case in question as due to it’s Ofcom licence it’s able unlike it’s Swedish based competitors to broadcast alcohol ads giving itself a commercial advantage. There are other areas such as betting, fast food etc where the UK is laxer than many European Countries.
Post Brexit UK broadcasters will need a licence in the EU to officially broadcast in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU. If you think of all the cable and satellite UK channels we get, each will have to have different versions for the UK and the EU as the advertising will not correspond with EU law.
So it’s likely that we will lose some channels from Brexit. The big one of course will be BBC , will we be able to get it via our cable subscriptions?


1. rockroots - February 27, 2017

Uh-oh, Brexit just got real!


irishelectionliterature - February 27, 2017

I’m told that it’s fairly likely some of those many channels on cable won’t bother to get new licences for broadcasting here as ad revenue would hardly make it worth their while.


2. sonofstan - February 27, 2017

Anyone else old enough to remember when books and records used to be more expensive in Ireland than in the UK because of import duties?

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3. Aonrud ⚘ - February 27, 2017

The BBC recently announced they are launching a new Scottish channel. We can watch that once they’ve got back in 😉

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